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Security Safes for Sale in Sydney

Do you stay in Sydney? Do you want to buy a safe for storing family heirlooms, passports and other important documents? If both your answers are yes, you can call Bensons Locksmiths. Our security safe Sydney do not just protect your assets from thieves, but also natural disasters and fire.

Here are some things you should know about safe types and installations before choosing a suitable safe for use.

Quality Home Safes and Security Safes Installation

Are you a Sydney resident looking forward to buying a security safe for storing your valuables, passports, confidential documents and family heirlooms? Bensons Locksmiths is a leading supplier and installation service provider for home safes in Sydney. We provide robust high-security safes that offer complete protection from theft, fires and all types of natural disasters.

Do you know what safe is the best option? Take a look at the information given below before proceeding to make a choice of safes for sale in Sydney.

Types of Home Safes and Security Safes Installation in Sydney  

  • Standalone: A standalone safe type does not require any installation and can be easily placed on any flat surface without any effort for fixing.
  • Wall safes: Wall safes required to be wall-mounted, usually in hollow spaces inside your wall. Installation for this type of security safe in Sydney requires making a precisely-sized cut on your wall.
  • Floor safes: The concept of floor safes is similar to wall safes, but involving the floor instead of the wall. Installation requires creating a hollow section on your floor.

The Key Features of a Security Safe

Knowing the exact features and specifications of safes is vital before making an investment. Our inner west locksmith professionals guide prospective buyers in the safe selection process. The key features are –

  • Fireproof: Fireproof home safes in Sydney are the ideal choices as they offer complete protection of contents from fires. Investing in these ensure better protection of valuables even if a devastating fire breaks out on your property.
  • Size: Size and weight are important considerations when it comes to choosing the right safe for protecting your valuables. The size of safe to buy depends on what you intend to store, and additional support may be necessary for larger ones.
  • Lock type: Locking systems of safes provided by us vary, from ones with keys and locks, to ones with combination locks and dials. Combination and dial locking safes for sale in Sydney are better for commercial use.

Safes We Offer

At Bensons Locksmiths, we offer three different types of safes for sale, along with installation services for each. These are –

  • Used safes

Purchasing a used safe which is in a good condition can be a smart move for businesses on a budget. We can assure that the safes provided to you are as good as new.

  • Home safes

Smaller than the conventional commercial safe, a sturdy home security safe in Sydney can be all you need for ensuring impenetrable protection for valuables. These are ideal for use in any type of residential property, including apartments.

  • Commercial safes

Commercial safes sold and installed by us are suitable for companies intending to store legal documents and confidential information. We acknowledge that many businesses must have safes to meet insurance requirements. Accordingly, we supply assorted and feature-rich products.

Brands we offer

  • Dominator
  • Guardall
  • CMI

Rely on our inner west locksmith service professionals to address your security safe requirements. Get in touch with us before making your purchase.

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