Safes for Sale

Safes for Sale

Home safes & security safes for sale

Do you stay in Sydney? Do you want to buy a safe for storing family heirlooms, passports and other important documents? If both your answers are yes, you can call Bensons Locksmiths. Our security safe Sydney do not just protect your assets from thieves, but also natural disasters and fire.

Here are some things you should know about safe types and installations before choosing a suitable safe for use.


Quality Home Safes and Security Safes Installation

  • Standalone: Requiring no installation, standalone safes can rest on your floor or table without the need for fixing to a surface.
  • Wall safes: As the name suggests, these safes are mounted in a hollow space inside your wall. Installation requires cutting into your walls in the exact dimensions of the safe.
  • Floor safes: A similar home safe Sydney concept as that of wall safes, but on the floor. Again, installation requires cutting out a hollow section of your flooring where the safe is placed. These safes can be concealed easily.


Significant Features of a Safe

 Before looking at safes, here are some features you must consider.

  • Size: The size and weight of your safe can be crucial, depending on what you intend to store within it. Furthermore, in the case of wall-mounted safes, the installation process varies depending on the weight of your safe. In some instances, additional support may be necessary.
  • Fireproof: You should always opt for fireproof safes when looking for security safe Sydney. Besides security against burglary, safes should also ensure the complete protection of items in the case of fires at your home. Otherwise, you may end up losing valuable items due to an accident.
  • Lock type: We, at Bensons Locksmith, stock safes with varied locking systems. Some have locks with keys, while others include dials and combination locks. Those looking for home safes Sydney can consider purchasing a key locking system. However, for commercial use, dial or combination safes provide greater safety and convenience.


Our Offerings

 We have classified our products into three distinct groups. You can choose safes for sale Sydney from any of the following groups.

  • Used safes

The used safes we offer have reduced prices but maintain their original quality. These safes are ideal for businesses that desire the added security but lack the necessary funds to purchase new safes.

  • Home safes

Home safes are smaller than commercial safes but provide exceptional security to your prised possessions. They can fit right into your house, rental property or holiday home.

  • Commercial safes

Companies need to protect classified information and legal documents from prying eyes. Additionally, your insurance company may require you to have a safe under their terms and conditions. So, safes can not only protect valuable items belonging to your business from burglary and fire but also help you avail higher insurance.

Contact us when trying to purchase safes for sale Sydney. We can ensure complete security for your valuable possessions.

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