Safes for Sale

Safes for Sale

safes for sale

Firstly safes are not just for hiding away money. Safes have many more uses; their design makes them perfect for storing your family heirlooms, important documents, passports and more. Safes not only protect your important items from thieves, but also from fire and natural disasters.

What types of safes are there?

Standalone: As the name suggests, these safes are designed to rest on the floor or a table without the need to fix to a surface.

Floor safes: This safe is designed to sit flush on the floor, and can be easily hidden in a wardrobe, cupboard, under furniture or a rug.

Wall safes: For homes and businesses that may not have floor space or may prefer the convenience of having a safe mounted inside a wall. Note that wall safes usually provide less storing space and are not always fire resistant safes.

Which features are important in a safe?

Size: Bensons Locksmiths stock safes in a range of shapes and sizes. When choosing the size of your safe, you need to take into account what is being stored inside, as well as the space it requires to be stowed into, or mounted onto. The size also affects the weight of the safe itself; this is where you need to take into consideration where you are installing the safe, apart from with standalone safes (unless you need to move them!); mounted safes may require extra support.

Fireproof Safes: certain safes should be more than burglar-proof. A safe has a purposed to keep your or your business’ valuable items safe from fire and other disasters. Regardless of the fire safety precautions and sprinklers you may have in your home or property, fireproof safes provide extra peace of mind.

Steel body: the thicker the steel in the walls and base, the stronger and more heavy duty the safe.

These safes are again more than burglar-proof and offer premium protection for your items in any situation. It is also worth keeping in mind that the body of the safe (thickness etc.) also plays a part in how fireproof it is.

Lock type: there is a range of locks available for safes, including keys, dials and combination locks. Depending on your needs, wants and efficiency you may choose a key locking system if you are the only person using the safe. Combination locks are ideal for high-speed commercial safes including money drops, or you may prefer a dial lock.

We offer a range of lock types and will help you choose what is best for you.

What we offer

We have grouped together three classes of quality safes depending on your individual or business needs:

Used Safes

Our used safes for sale are reduced in price, without the reduction in quality. Don’t forget safes are supposed to last a lifetime, and at Bensons, we are safe specialists, and we will not sell you anything short of high quality or reliability that we would not use ourselves. Used safes are perfect for businesses that want security without the price tag. Our range of used safes for sale include home and larger commercial types, giving your home or business protection without the cost.

Home Safes

Home safes are perfect for your house, holiday home or rental property. Wherever it may be there is no exception for protection of your keepsakes, no matter what they may be. Home safes can protect your jewellery, money, passports, legal documents and family heirlooms from fire, theft and other events.

Commercial Safes

Security safes can be utilised in any business, regardless of the amount of cash on hand. High security safes can protect stock (jewellery, electronics, etc.), contact information, hard drives and legal documents. Many insurance companies require a business to have a safe under their terms and conditions in their policies – so not only does a safe reduce your business losses through theft and fire but may also give you cheaper insurance.

Still unsure what is best for you?

Come into our Alexandria store or call us on 02 9516 4688 and speak to one of our qualified locksmiths who will discuss your requirements and advise which safe is best for you.

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