Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

Access control systems

Bensons Locksmiths, having more than 30 years of experience, provides commercial security solutions and access control systems to businesses, including strata companies in Sydney. We offer superior quality products and knowhow to ensure customised business security solutions, irrespective of the size of your business. Our experts discuss your needs at length before designing your business’ ideal long-term security plan. We make sure that the plan is reliable, efficient and maintains safety at your commercial property

Access Control Systems & Commercial Security Solutions

Our services in the commercial properties comprise repair of keys, locks, safes and cabinets as well as installing them. Our team of professionals serve the inner suburbs of Sydney, allowing us to reach you sooner and without giving you the trouble of waiting. This way, we guarantee the efficient running of your business.

At Bensons Locksmiths, we offer specialist advice suiting your business needs. Our expertise covers a wide range of services, including lock systems that allow you to keep track of when and where your employees are going. This facility is apt for employers who want to restrict the movement of certain employees to certain areas.


Access Control Systems are Useful for Efficient Corporate Security

With our effective access control systems, you can monitor and provide exclusive access to the staff of your preference. Majority of  commercial security solutions have a limited key system for ventures that look for security for

  • Manager’s offices
  • Confidential files (ideal for doctors, lawyers, etc.)
  • Surveillance rooms
  • Stock rooms
  • Cash rooms

If you are looking for commercial door hardware, we can help you in this regard too. Choose from mechanical or electronic to let your employees work with the assurance that you have taken care of their safety. In case you want to have physical copies of your keys, you may opt for mechanic master key systems. Or else, you may insert smart keys and swipe cards when you use electronic door locks.

Those business owners who do not want to take a chance with security, prefer electronic door locks as these help in tracking people in the office premises. The electronic door lock systems also programme each swipe card as per staff security clearance.

When it comes to the movement of staff, both the restricted key solutions are good to control staff movement. You can also monitor access times to control and secure stock, staff and business all the time.

Allow us to better your business’ security with super-efficient access control systems. Contact us via phone or send us an email. One of our locksmiths will approach you as soon as possible.

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