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Access Control Systems Sydney

Bensons Locksmiths, having more than 30 years of experience, provides commercial security solutions and access control systems to businesses, including strata companies in Sydney. We offer superior quality products and knowhow to ensure customised business security solutions, irrespective of the size of your business. Our experts discuss your needs at length before designing your business’ ideal long-term security plan. We make sure that the plan is reliable, efficient and maintains safety at your commercial property


Bensons Locksmiths provides comprehensive commercial locksmith services and advanced security solutions for small businesses and strata companies. We are specialists offering genuine and state-of-the-art commercial security products including access control systems in Sydney. Businesses across the city rely on our technical know-how and custom commercial security solutions experience. Our expert locksmiths consult with business owners to create and implement effective and long-term security plans. We take care of all your business security requirements and ensure superior protection.

Comprehensive Commercial Security Solutions in Sydney

The services we provide for commercial establishments include the installation and repair of locks, keys, cabinets, and safes. Our professionals offer fast and reliable services in the inner suburbs of Sydney, effectively reducing wait times and resulting risks. You can rely on us for securing your premises to keeping your business running at maximum efficiency.

Bensons Locksmiths professionals offer qualified advice to meet the specific security needs of businesses. Our experts can equip business owners with cutting-edge commercial security solutions, such as lock systems that enable them to monitor employee movements. These have useful features for business owners who intend to keep certain people out of designated zones.

High-Grade Corporate Security with Access Control Systems

We supply commercial access control systems in Sydney for small businesses and strata companies. Equipped with advanced digital features, these systems are well-suited for facilitating restricted access to only selected employees. These devices can efficiently manage access to –

  • Confidential files
  • Stock rooms
  • Cash rooms
  • Surveillance rooms
  • Manager’s offices


At Bensons Locksmiths, we also specialise in providing commercial door hardware varieties to suit the security needs of businesses. You can opt to get either mechanical or electronic systems installed to ensure complete security for your employees. Our professionals recommend mechanical master key setups for owners who want to keep physical key copies. The suitable alternative is using our high-grade electronic door locks which are unlocked by swipe cards and smart keys. We are with you at every step, from recommending ideals commercial security solutions to installation, and getting you familiar with how everything works.

Electronic door locks supplied and installed by our experienced professionals are most well-suited for business owners unwilling to compromise security at any cost. Using them enables accurate tracking of employees within office premises. Electronic door lock systems are ideal for implementing staff security clearance protocols involving card swipes.

Restricted key system solutions are ideal for efficient staff movement control. They can also be used for access times monitoring to facilitate staff and business control around the clock. Consult with our experts to understand and fulfil your requirements for advanced commercial access control systems in Sydney. We have helped many businesses meet their core security requirements effectively.

To know the best access control system options for your needs, seek a consultation with our proven commercial security solutions professionals. Call us at your convenience or drop us an email stating your queries and security requirements. We will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Collection of locks and keys

Vital Advantages of Access Control Systems Sydney

You need the right technology to ensure the protection of your employees and visitors. Keeping the business premise open and welcoming is a good idea. It helps the staff and visitors move around the building without any hassles.

But you need to make sure that your premise has maximum protection that can fight against unauthorised intruders. For this, you need first-rate access control systems. Some key advantages of commercial access control systems in Sydney are:

  • Automated door
  • Alarm notification  
  • Back-office accessibility
  • Scheduled backups
  • Badging
  • Facility mapping  
  • Multi-tech cards 

Access control systems provide great benefits for both security and convenience. They help you get rid of the traditional keys that need extra work. You can keep unwanted visitors away from your premise with advanced access control systems.  

Why should you choose Bensons Locksmiths to get access control systems in Sydney?

Regardless of what you need, a simple gate that can be integrated into a phone system or a complex multi-entry system, Bensons Locksmiths can offer a trusted solution with complete security and ease of daily use. Our wide range of commercial security solutions will let you leverage all the advanced benefits of modern technology. Moreover, our offerings are available at surprisingly affordable prices.  

Looking for top-notch commercial access control systems in Sydney? Get in touch with us! 

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